At Ray-Tech Infrared Corp we strive to build and supply you with the best quality and most efficient Infrared Equipment available, just as we have since we started in 1989. Our products have been engineered and tested to give you the best results possible. We manufacture all of our equipment, from Asphalt Heaters to Asphalt Reclaimers, right here in the United States. We have been often imitated, but NEVER matched! Please choose a product type from the list below and click "Apply" to narrow the product results.
Reclaimer / Storage


The Ray-Tech SR8000 is a storage only unit. It can hold and store 4 tons of new asphalt at a workable temperature.
Pavement Heaters

Tech 108

Ray-Tech Tech 108 trailer mounted unit. Features a 30" x 108" heating chamber. (Options Available)

Tech 20

Ray-Tech Tech 20 trailer mounted unit. Features a 4' x 5' 6" heating chamber. (Options Available)

Tech 36

Ray-Tech Tech 36 trailer mounted unit. Features two 6' 6" x 3' 4" heating chambers (13' x 3' Total). (Options Available)

Tech 48

Ray-Tech Tech 48 trailer mounted unit. Features a 6' x 8' heating chamber. (Options Available)

Tech 78

Ray-Tech Tech 78 tractor/skid-steer mounted unit. Features three 6' x 4' 4" heating chambers (13' x 6' Total). (Options Available)
Combination Units

Total Maintenance Vehicle

The TMV is the ideal unit for any Infrared Restoration crew. It features both a Reclaimer and Infrared Heater mounted on a truck chassis.