Tech 78

   The Ray-Tech Tech 78 is unique in that it is not mounted on either a truck or a trailer. Instead, it was designed with a universal attachment for any skid-steer or tractor setup. Maneuverability is excellent and it provides an enormous heating area.


The Tech 78 is composed of three 4'4" x 6' chambers which can be operated individually or altogether to provide up to 13' x 6' of heating area. The side chambers fold up for easy transport and the fuel/power deck mounts easily onto the rear of the unit during use. 


This is a high production unit due to its ease of use and heating area capability. It is easy to operate and provides the ability to make permanent, high quality repairs. You may also choose to include the optional aluminum windguards which can prove extremely useful during high wind work.


Available Chamber Sizes:
• (3) 4'4" x 6' (Total 13' x 6')
• 6' x 8'



Ray-Tech Exclusive Features:


• Most Efficient Converter System

• Unique Hopper Construction

• Heavy-Duty Electric Winches

• Year-Round Repairs

• Long Life Blower Motors

• Industry Leading Warranties

• Exclusive Performance Guaranty

• Industry Fastest and Most Even Heats  

• Ease of Use and Efficient, Effective Repairs!


We will work with you to make sure the unit you get fits your job requirements!


Ray-Tech Infrared is THE Choice in Asphalt Restoration!    


Product Info (PDF)