AGG/RAP Heating System


Ray-Tech Infrared has developed an infrared heating system specifically for heating and drying aggregate or Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP).

The system is composed of multiple Ray-Tech Infrared heating converters placed over a high temperature conveyor belt. The aggregate or RAP runs along the belt in close proximity to the heaters, allowing the material to lose moisture in preparation for asphalt production. The length of each unit is eight (8) feet and can accommodate the width of the belt being used. Each unit of the system is completely self-contained and can operate independently. By placing multiple units over the conveyor belt, you can create as long a heating system as required. The system is supplied with a centrally located control panel, so each unit can be controlled from one location.


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Ray-Tech Infrared's AGG/RAP Heater: The Future of Asphalt Production!