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Are you considering the Infrared Asphalt Repair business?

It can be confusing to jump into this industry without knowing much about it and with so many machines available. We want to help educate you on the process and match you with the machine that will fit your operations the best.

Follow the questions below to find the best machine for you:

1) What do you know about Infrared?
If you're not that familiar with it, please check out the "FACTS" page on our main menu.
It should answer the main questions that come to mind.

2) What would you like the machine to do?
If you only want to transport heated asphalt, skip to Question 3.
If you only want to heat an asphalt surface, skip to Question 4.
If you want to do both of these, skip to Question 5.

3) How much asphalt would you like to transport?
If two (2) tons, see our RC4000

If three (3) tons, see our RC6000
If four (4) tons, see our RC8000
If six (6) tons, see our RC12000
If eight (8) or more tons, see our RC16000

4) What size area are you heating?
42" x 48" Mini Tech (Walk Behind) - Good for Small Areas (ie: driveways)
4' x 5½’ Tech 20
3' x 13' Tech 36 - Good for Joints
6' x 8' Tech 48
6' x 13' Tech 78 (Skidsteer/Tractor Mount) - Good for Utility Cuts
32" x 9' Tech 108 - Good for Trenches

5) Do you want a truck or trailer mount combination unit?
(All of our combination units feature an 8'W x 6'L Infrared Heating Chamber)

Trucks - Total Maintenance Vehicle (TMV):

2 Ton Compact TMV
2 Ton TMV
3 Ton TMV
4 Ton TMV
6 Ton TMV

2 Ton Mini Combo
3 Ton Mid Combo
4 Ton Combo 


If you have any additional questions, please contact us!

We strive to build and supply only the best quality and most efficient equipment available.
Since 1989, our equipment has been known as the industry leader and we pride ourselves in upholding this reputation. 
Our equipment is manufactured in the United States and is sold across the country as well as globally to contractors and municipalities alike.